Orlando Wetlands Park

I’ve been meaning to check out Orlando Wetlands Park for a while now. It’s actually a man-made, intentional swamp/marsh that is tightly managed and controlled, and functions as a last-step filtration for waste water. I did a bit of research on the facility, and I find it truly elegant and […]

Tampa Bay – Fort DeSoto

Kayak Cutie and I decided to take a little mini-vacation this weekend.  We found a good rate at the Crowne Plaza – Westshore near Tampa Int’l Airport. Arriving mid-afternoon on Saturday, we hit the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, had a stellar dinner at Doormet (Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese!), and retired early. […]

Wekiwa or Wekiva?

So, which is it?  This has confused me for a while now. I stumbled onto this YouTube video, and at around 2:10 into the video he explains very succinctly: “Wekiwa” and “Wekiva” are both Indian words. “Wekiwa” means “Water flowing from the ground, or a spring” “Wekiva” means “Water flowing […]