Wekiwa or Wekiva?

So, which is it?  This has confused me for a while now.

I stumbled onto this YouTube video, and at around 2:10 into the video he explains very succinctly:

  • “Wekiwa” and “Wekiva” are both Indian words.
  • “Wekiwa” means “Water flowing from the ground, or a spring”
  • “Wekiva” means “Water flowing above the ground”

Therefore, when referring to the spring, or park, it’s “Wekiwa”.  When referring to the river itself, it’s “Wekiva”.




2 thoughts on “This Age-Old Question Has a Simple Answer”

  1. Of course, you are refering to the Central Florida Wekiwa Springs, Wekiva River. There is also a Wekiva River in Levy County. Its source, Wekiva, with a “v” Spring.

    At keast there are only two Wekiva Rivers. In contrast to the many “Blue” Sprijngs in Florida.

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