First rented kayak

Being outdoors is somewhat new to me.  I’d been camping with my dad when I was very young, and I’d slept in a tent a few times as an adult, but never really camping.  That changed in January of 2012, when I went camping with my partner.  It was a blast, and immediately I knew I was hooked.

A month later, we went camping again.  I rented a kayak at Ginnie Springs and paddled on the Santa Fe River.  That was the first time I’d ever been in a kayak.  The feeling I get when I’m on the water is indescribable – I’ve called it “liquid Xanax” on more than one occasion.

In March, after much anticipation, I bought my first kayak.  My partner bought hers shortly thereafter.

After each trip, I’m typically left with photos, GPS routes, a wealth of knowledge, and lots of great stories. I felt that I needed a place to journal my kayak adventures – to bring this all together in one place.  I started a blog.  🙂

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