When we made the decision to travel for a month in our camper, Harvest Hosts was a gem of a find. This service connects businesses who have extra space with campers needing that space to park/camp overnight. While the service itself requires a small annual membership fee, the overnight stays themselves are free of charge – the only ask is that campers patronize the businesses where they stay. It’s a genius idea – mutually beneficial to both sides of the transaction, which is always ideal. Some of the common venues offered are farms, vineyards, and the like.

Our first stay using this service was in Cottondale, FL at a farm called Moonpie Farm and Creamery. The farm raises goats, guinea, peafowl, turkeys, pigs, cattle, geese, ducks, chickens… and probably far more than I’m forgetting. The host, Elizabeth, is a spectacular human being and runs the entire farm herself. When she’s not farming, she’s creating delicacies for her on-site farm store and the farmer’s markets she attends. I lost count of how much I spent at the farm store – we bought several jars of pickled goods, fresh goat cheese, beer bread, and a sausage gumbo that was out-of-this-world. It’s abundantly clear that Elizabeth is passionate about everything she does – her animals are well-cared for and loved, and our youngest daughter was elated to stay at this “petting zoo”! I could rant on about how great this stay was, but I will let the photos tell the rest:

One of the sweetest dogs
Our spot for the night!
Ivan. I fell in love immediately.
“I’ve been trying to reach you regarding your vehicle’s extended warranty”
Roosters, Geese, Ducks, living in harmony
Happy Campers!



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