I had some company today while paddling the Wekiva.  Family trips are definitely different than 1 or 2-person trips, but they’re fun in their own way.  Seeing my preschool daughter zen-out on the water is pretty amazing.

We launched from Wekiwa Springs again, rented a 3-person sit-on-top ‘yak for the family, and dropped both boats in at the launch.  We stayed in the main channel all the way to Wekiva Island, docked the boats, and had a few beverages while my daughter played with some new friends she made.  (Kids make friends so easily, don’t they?)  Stopped on the way back to get a few pics of the sunning alligator, and called it a day.

Here’s the map. (It’s cheap this time – I didn’t capture a route with the GPS.)



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